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Teeth important when dating ,survey says

When it comes to finding that perfect someone in the United States, people going out on dates are into nice teeth, well-groomed hair and perfect grammar over all the fancy clothes, fit bodies and flashy teeth


According to an annual survey conducted by the mega-dating site, sultry singles seem to hone in on how well someone speaks, and what his or her pearly whites look like, when meeting someone for the first time for romance.


The survey, called “Singles in America,” collected data from over 5,481 singles and more than 1,000 married couples, asking them a range of questions about their dating experiences, preferences and adventures.


The subjects of the study were not members, according to the site’s blog, but beautiful smile and datinginstead were men and women from the age of 21 and over from all around the country.


MarketTools spearheaded the findings, in association with biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher and evolutionary biologist Dr. Justin R. Garcia of The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University.


“Whether they research potential dates on Facebook; if they ‘hook up’ with co-workers; how many times they have fallen in love; what they ‘must have’ in a long term partner—we asked them just about everything,” according to dating website.


The results of the third-annual 2012 survey were posted on’s blog this week, and highlighted some other interesting tidbits—besides teeth preferences and the importance of speech—which were telling of America’s dating singles.


The survey largely focused on the impact social media and online dating services have had on atypical meet-ups and budding love interests.


“A historically unprecedented number of single Americans are now turning to the Internet to find love,” the survey said. “Nearly one-third of singles reported that they have dated someone whom they met online.”


With the days of meeting singles through mutual friends or at a bar falling behind digital dating services and immediate Internet access, the “Singles in America” study showed that 49% of women, and 27% of men, said they would cancel a first date based on information uncovered during a quick Google or Facebook scan.


Because of that, a solid portion of daters also admitted that they clean up their personal pages before welcoming a friend request from a potential suitor.


Since most peoples’ phones are attached to their hands, the study also asked how singles would react to a date sharing “sexts” that were sent to them.


Unsurprisingly, nearly half of the men asked said they wouldn’t mind, whereas only 13 percent of women said they were OK with it.


Collectively, nearly a quarter of those surveyed admitted to sharing a sexy photo sent from another person.


Sticking to the technology theme, the study unveiled that over 90 % of singles also agreed turning to your smartphone, and sending a text message to end a relationship, is not proper etiquette.


“Sexting, new attitudes about virginity, the rise of ‘friends with benefits,’ emerging ‘Internet etiquette’ and women’s rising roles in courtship all presage a dramatically new dating landscape,” Fisher said about the extensive survey results.


Here are some other key findings from this year’s survey:


Men judge women most on:


Teeth (58%)


Grammar (55%)


Hair (51%)


Women judge men most on:


Teeth (71%)


Grammar (69%)


Hair (53%)


Dr. Ari Greenspan is a Dentist in Jerusalem