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Implant Dental

As opposed to using dental implants to support a removable denture, we have other implant dental options that allow us to give the patients permanent teeth. 

2 Types Of Permanent Teeth – Implant Dental Options

1) Non Removable Dentures Attached To Implants

We can use our dental implants to provide the patient with a firmly attached denture.

All on four screw down denture

This can only be removed by the dentist. Sometimes called “all on four” meaning all the

teeth supported by 4 dental implants. While four implants might not be enough, the
concept is simple, place a few implants, make teeth that can be screwed down into place, which can  not be removed.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

Denture on implants in the mouth Jerusalem dentistImplant dental options like this allow for permanent


dentures implants Jerusalem dentist Israel dentist

teeth, with as few as 4 dental implants. This helps keep the cost of dental implants and restorations down as much as possible. Being removable by the dentist is an advantage. If there is any problem, or a need to clean under the teeth, the dentist simply unscrews the teeth to remove them. They are strong,esthetic and function like teeth. However, they are  not exactly teeth and they feel foreign to your mouth.



2) A Permanent Bridge Supported By Implants

The ultimate option for a person without teeth but who wants permanent teeth is a permanent bridge attached to implant dental. Here is how it works. Approximately 8 implant supported permanent bridge Jerusalem dentist dr ari greenspandental implants are placed in the upper or lower jaw, depending on where the restoration is needed. Once they have healed, an impression is made. The laboratory makes posts to be screwed into the implant. On top of those posts, a standard dental bridge is fabricated.

The result is a beautiful bridge that looks and functions like your own teeth. It feels like teeth, it looks like teeth and you can smile and eat with full confidence.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

This option is without a doubt the most expensive full mouth dental restoration. That is probably its greatest disadvantage. It requires great experience on the side of the dentist and an exceptional dental lab to make the bridge on implants. However the results speak for themselves.


Jerusalem dentists crowns full mouth on implants

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