Digital Dental Xrays

Digital  dental xrays, Panoramics , and CT’s

Today,  dental xrays no longer need expose patients to large doses of radiation. Due to great advances in digital technology dental xrays have a fraction of the radiation than in the past. Being the second office in Jerusalem with digital x rays, we have close to 2 decades of experience with their benefits.

Instead of  old fashioned X-ray film, we place a digital sensor in your mouth. It needs up to 80% less radiation to get an instant image on the computer. These  dental xrays can be enlarged and manipulated for better diagnosis. It is simply quicker and better and accomplished with much less radiation.

Dental Digital Panoramic X-ray

dental xrays

Digital x-ray. Impacted wisdom tooth

Sometimes, we need the “bigger picture “ and many small intraoral  dental xrays do not give us all of the information that we want.  For example, if  we need to see roots or angles of teeth that the smaller  dental x-rays simply do not show. Other times we need to evaluate the angulations of teeth for orthodontics or for extractions. In these cases, we need a dental panoramic x ray. Panoramic X-rays  show the big

digital dental xrays

Panoramic x-ray

picture, without all of the detail of the small ones. We have a digital panoramic machine as well.

Dental CT

However, digital dental xrays are simply 2 dimensional pictures of a three dimensional object. Everything is superimposed upon each other. For example, a panoramic x ray can show me the height of bone in a certain area. However not how much bone there is and how wide the jaw in a particular area. For example, imagine a square loaf of bread. If you looked directly at it from the side, you could see how high it was but you could not really know how wide it was. If, though, you sliced it and rotated a slice so you were looking at it straight on, you would know exactly how wide it was . This is what a dental CAT Scan allows us to do. We can virtually slice the jaw into sections, rotate them, and let us see exactly what we have. This is an indispensable tool for surgeries including wisdom tooth extractions, implants and bone grafts.

dental x-rays

Dental CAT scan of lower jaw

All of these three technologies are available in our office.