CEREC-Porcelain crown within an hour

CEREC porcelain crown -Porcelain crown within an hour


CEREC – one of the world’s most advanced dental technologies  has come to Israel!

Imagine the following scenario: you need a crown, the dentist takes a CEREC 3D image of your tooth. The computer designs the crown before your eyes. Using the most advanced technology (CAD-CAM), two robotic arms sculpt your crown out of a block of porcelain, known as Cerec Blocks. You leave  the dental chair with your new CEREC crown in one hour flat. See what the NY Times has to say. Jerusalem dentist, Dr. Ari Greenspan was the very first Israel dentist to adopt this technology. We have recently added the revolutionary Cerec Inlab system to our office. This is THE state of the art digital dental laboratory software and manufacture process on the market.


CEREC Regular crown
* One appointment Several appointments
* Solid porcelain Layer of metal covered with porcelain
* Doesn’t have a black shadow on the gum line. Can be an agly black shadow on the gum line.
* No temporary crown needed! Requires temporary crown
* The most advanced technology 100 year old process

Why a CEREC crown is great

Everyone who has gone through the process of placing a crown, knows that it takes time. In order to get a “reasonable” crown, requires between 2 to 4 visits to the dentist. This annoying process, can last up to a month.  The patient  may have sensitivity and bleeding gums, and also  have uncomfortable feeling due to the temporary crown. The final result is not always satisfying. The standard crown has a dark metal base which is covered by a layer of porcelain. This often causes a  black – gray shadow to be visible beneath the tooth. Does the end result of the standard crown justify the investment of the time and  the money if ultimately we are ashamed to smile? One of the newer materials being used with CEREC today is Lithium disilicate or Emax Cad crowns. Emax is an unparalleled porcelain with beauty and strength

“If I believed in miracles, I would believe that CEREC is one of them.”

“I hate getting dental work done. But when one of my molars fractured, and I was in great pain, I realized I had no choice and I must go to the dentist. I called the new dentist Dr. Ari Greenspan, recommended to me by my friend. He looked at the tooth and told me that in order to save what was left ,I would have to place a crown. I remembered that the last time I needed to put a crown, it  was painful .The discomfort lasted for about a month, until the doctor finished the treatment. Within an hour of arriving at Dr.Greenspan’s office I left feeling as if I’d just experienced a miracle. I thought to myself, if I believed in miracles  I’d say that CEREC is one of them. ” Laura K.

Jerusalem’s most advanced clinic with people who really care.

In Dr. Greenspan’s office  you will always find the most advanced  dental technology. This is evident in every corner of the clinic including  the interior design. As the first dentist who brought the CEREC technology  to the Israeli  public a decade ago,
Dr. Greenspan attended many courses in Europe and the United States and has become one of the more experienced CEREC dentists  in the Middle East.  Patients come from around the world to the clinic: an opera singer from Italy, businessmen from the U.S, a doctor from Ethiopia, the UN,  Foreign ambassadors and even the American president’s entourage. Dr. Greenspan has over 25 years of dental experience  at the highest level, the results and the testimonies speak for themselves.