STD’s, Oral Sex and The Mouth – Part 1by Dr. Ari Greenspan

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STD’s, Oral Sex and The Mouth

Diseases that are transmitted through sex are called STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) The diseases are passed on through intimate contact (oral, anal or vaginal) and bodily fluids. Some have great health implications for life and you should understand

STD's sexually transmitted diseases

what the problems are and know how to protect yourself, should you engage in any high
risk activity.

You can   not get an STD from a person who does not have one. Having multiple partners with unprotected sex is the way you catch an STD. Contrary to what many people think, you can catch an STD by having unprotected oral sex.

STD’s That You Can Catch

There are four main categories of diseases. Bacteria, Fungal, Viral, Parasite and Protozoal. Each is contracted and treated differently and there are many factors affecting your chances of catching it. Below are the most common STD’s.

Chlamydia – Is a bacterial infection and can be cured with antibiotic, ONCE it has been diagnosed. Unrepairable damage however, can be done before diagnosis. It can be transmitted to babies during childbirth causing great health issues or premature birth and blindness to the baby. Main symptoms are discharge and pain upon urination.

GonorrheaIs a bacterial infection, known as  “the  clap” and treatable with antibiotics. However, there are many strains today that do not respond anymore, making this a problematic disease with no treatment available in many cases. Symptoms are pelvic pain, discharge and pain on urination. Left untreated it can cause permanent damage and heart valve damage.

Syphilis – Is a bacterial infection that is treatable with antibiotics when caught in time. It have 4 states that are not always easy to detect. some of the symptoms are skin ulcerations, rash and ultimately years after contraction neurological disease including dementia. It has many bad symptoms including pain, eye and vision problems,kidney problems and more.

Candidiasis – Is a fungal disease that affects mucosal membranes and causes great discomfort, pain and itching. While it rearely causes complications it can be a source of discomfort.

Dr. Ari Greenspan is a Dentist in Jerusalem