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The Confluence of Science and Art

The science of dentistry is mechanical, and things tend to be black and white: either the filling fits or it doesn’t; either the tooth is painful or you’re not even aware that it is in your mouth; either your smile is healthy and pleasing or you tend to cover your mouth when you smile.

Jerusalem dentistThe art of dentistry is part heart and part soul. Heart: a good Jerusalem dentist tries to feel and understand what his patients are going through, to empathize with their concerns, their pain, and their fears. Soul: dentists need to have an innate understanding of the subtleties of facial harmony and esthetics. While the complexities of esthetics can be learned, the dentist brings his own inner esthetic sensibilities to each case. In addition, “soul” is expressed in the warm connections between dentist and patient, and between the staff and the patients.

We at Greenspan Dental try to give you, our patients, everything. We aim to be caring, understanding, and empathetic. An English speaking dentist in Jerusalem. Emergency dentistry requires patience and a relaxing environment. We strive to deliver the highest quality – the most technologically proficient and highly esthetic dentistry available today.If you have never been to Greenspan Dental, come see for yourself, and we believe you will understand the difference between run-of-the-mill dentistry and dentistry as the confluence of art and science.

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