What Is A Toothache

October 9, 2015
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October 30, 2015

What Is A Toothache

Many of us has experienced a toothache in our lifetime and for those of us who have, know it is a terrible experience and the toothache can drive you nuts. In the ancient days, before modern pain relief all sorts of crazy and not crazy remedies were used. An old wives tale toothachethat actually works is to chew on spices which sometimes can actually numb the area.

The science of a toothache

The innermost part of the tooth is the nerve chamber. In this hollow area of the tooth, the nerve sits. The nerve inside the tooth is attached to a larger nerve which inturn makes it’s way back into the brain. When that nerve is irritated, we can have tooth sensitivity or a toothache. Swelling or inflammation causes the area to be irritated through a series of chemical steps that the body uses and it secretes various inflammatory chemicals. These can be the cause of the pain in a toothache.

The main cause of dental pain is decay. Decay, a cavity is the hole made by bacteria eating through your tooth. As they make their way into the center of the tooth, the infection cause severe pain and swelling sometimes being noticeable even on the face.  Other reasons for a toothache can be trauma. If a tooth is suddenly jarred like by biting down hard on something or even chomping hard on your own teeth by getting hit on your jaw. There can also be fractures in the tooth that have not yet caused the tooth to break apart. These irritate the nerve causing a toothache.toothache

The main way to treat the toothache is by removing or eliminating the offending stimulus. So , dealing with the decay, or treating the fractured tooth will remove the pain

Dr. Ari Greenspan is a Dentist in Jerusalem