Erectile Dysfunction and Periodontal Disease


Men in their thirties with inflamed gums caused byerectile disorder  and gum disease severe periodontal disease are three times more likelyto suffer from erection problems, according to a study
published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.
Turkish researchers compared 80 men aged 30 to 40
with erectile dysfunction with a control group of 82
men without erection problems. This showed that 53%
of the men with erectile dysfunction had inflamed
gums compared with 23% in the control group.

When the results were adjusted
for other factors such as age and
BMI, the men with severe periodontal disease were 3.29 times more
likely to suffer from erection problems than men with healthy gums.
Lead author Dr Faith Oğuz said:
‘Many studies have reported that
chronic periodontitis (CP) may
induce systemic vascular diseases
which have been linked with erection problems. To our knowledge,
erectile dysfunction and CP are
caused by similar risk factors, such
as ageing, smoking, diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease.’ 

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1.  Oğuz F, Eltas A, Beytur A, Akdemier E,
Özay Uslu M, Güneş A. Is there a relationship between chronic periodontitis
and erectile dysfunction? J Sex Med 2012;
DOI: 10.1111/j.1743-6109.2012.02974.x