Jerusalem Dentist- Directions for Dr. Ari Greenspan


Here are directions to the office of Jerusalem dentist Dr. Ari Greenspan. We are located in Bet Hanetziv, Derech Hebron 101a.

Our office offers a unique blend of old Jerusalem charm and warmth, with a cutting edge hi-tech dental environment. As a Jerusalem dentist, we provide an unusually wide range of services from general anesthesia for fearful adults and children to CEREC TECHNOLOGY for one hour porcelain crowns and esthetic dentistry.

Jerusalem dentist Dr. Ari Greenspan

I have been treating the international community here since Aliya in 1988, including the international press, the diplomatic corps, and the UN. Bet Hanetziv, Derech Hebron 101a

If you have never been to Greenspan Dental, come see for yourself, and we believe you will understand the difference between run-of-the-mill dentistry and dentistry as the confluence of art and science.

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