Peri implantitis and implant complications

Peri implantitis

Peri implantitis is an inflammation around the outside of the dental implant. Here is what happens, the implant has microscopic porosities on it’s surface. Bacteria can get into those spaces and cause an inflammation which is very hard to treat. Firstly the access to get to thos bacteria is complicated. Very often the patient is unaware that this is even taking place.  The problem is that this painless inflammation, cause severe bone loss aroundperi implantitis the implant , ultimately causing the loss of the implant.

So what can we do to treat and prevent peri implantitis ?

Peri implantitis can happen at any point in the life of the implant ant it is primarily due to insufficient dental hygiene. Simply put, if you keep the implant immaculate, then you should not have to suffer from it. That means brushing twice a day for 2 minutes each time, it means using floss and some sort of an interproximal stick or brush. It means it needs to be done every day of your lives, forever. It is a shame that people invest so much money, time and effort to get implants and do not take proper care of them afterwards.

Bone Loss

Bone loss is really the effect of the inflammatory process. The inflammation causes the body to release all sorts of chemicals to try and fight the bacteria and part of what they do is destructive to the bone. People with underlying disease that affect healing like, osteoporosis,and diabetes are at a higher chance of this problem. Smoking is another of the prime  factors in bone  loss and peri implantitis. It cuases great problems with the body’s repair mechanism.

All in all, you need to invest energy and time to keep you mouth healthy

Guided implant surgery

Guided implant surgery

There have been great advances in dental implantology in the last number of years. One of the most important discoveries and implementation was that of combining the CAT scan, 3d xray technology, with something called guided implant surgery. Guided implant surgery allows us to place the implant virtually on a 3d image, achieving the best possibleguided implant surgery angle and location. Once we have chosen the exact location of that implant, we can create what is called a guide appliance. This retainer like device has holes milled into it at the exact location of where we previously virtually placed the implant. In addition, holes are drilled such that their angles allow us to drill precisely where we need to in order to get a perfect job done.

Another advantage of guided implant surgery is the fact that we can prevent some serious injury be pre planning the case. For example, the lower jaw has nerves running through it guided implant surgery appliancethat give sensation to the teeth and lips. This nerve is the inferior alveolar nerve. One of the biggest problems that can happen while placing lower implants, is to drill too deep and do damage to the nerve. By doing guided implant surgery using a guide appliance, we know beforehand, exactly where that nerve is and the appliance prevents us from drilling too deep in the wrong location.

Here is how it works. Once we have placed  our virtual implants, taking care to avoid any important anatomical structures like the inferior alveolar nerve, we must create a real guided implant surgerymodel of the jaw as well as a model of the appliance that we will use during surgery. Today, the use  3D printers in dentistry is beginning to be seen more and more frequently. Because the computer knows exactly where we want those implants placed, we can print out the appliance all ready to be used for implant placement.

The cost of dental implants

What is the cost of dental implants in Israel ?

cost of dental implantsTo understand the cost of dental implants, we need to understand the steps involved:

Extraction of teeth

If you need to extract a tooth that is not salvageable, then  you must take that into account. In Israel, extractions range from 350 NIS-2000 NIS depending on degree of difficulty and surgery involved.

Bone Graft

Is there enough bone to place the implant? Once we extract, we often decide to place a bone graft so as to prevent losing bone height, which normally happens after an extraction . Also, there are times that we need to raise the floor of the maxillary sinus for more bone . This is called a sinus lift. Depending on degree of complication and surgery involved this  can cost  anything from 650-5000NIS.

Dental Implants

The actual implant surgery is straightforward. There are 3 stages to the implant restoration which compromise the cost of dental implants.cost of dental implants

Implant – This is the actual implant that is in the jaw which will hold the post and crown once it heals and fuses with the bone. 3500-4500 NIS

Post – the item that is screwed onto the implant which holds the crown. It is  highly precise, and is made to exactly fit your implant. There is zero tolerance for failure or fracture and has to be of the highest quality. 1200-2200 NIS

Crown– The cap that looks like the tooth which is cemented onto the post. 3500-4500 NIS

Why is the cost of dental implants so expensive?

There are a number of  factors that make  the cost of dental implants so high. The materials themselves as well as the cost of laboratory  manufactured pieces are great factors. Also, the dentist has invested tens of thousands of shekels in equipment specifically for placing the implants and restoring them. There are often numerous A happy patient after implantsworkers who are involved in providing the service. The dentist  often invests tens of thousands of shekels in training and continuing education in order to stay on top of developments in the field. Finally, you want and dentist who is good and takes responsibility for his work. All of that comes with at a cost.

Comparing apples to apples

There are many advertisement out there that sell implant restorations for a very low price. Caveat emptor– let the buyer beware. All dental implants are not the same and all dentists are not as well. Choose one that is nice, good and has an excellent reputation for service and reliability and you will not be sorry with the result.